• Electromechanical Assemblies
  • Cable/Harness Assemblies
  • Ready for Sale Assemblies
  • FAA Station OX1R390K
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Fuel Probes
  • Flow, Level, Pressure, & Temperature
  • Optical Liquid Quantity Transmitter
Strube, Inc. is a Small Business that enables you to instantly expand your company’s potential. Add capacity where and when you need it – for as
long as you need it. When you partner with Strube, you access everything from high-value manufacturing and precision repair and product rebuilds,
to an unsurpassed engineering resource. Plus over 30 years of experience manufacturing high quality products and delivering on time to the Department of Defense. Strube is your quality umbrella for end-to-end solutions.

Design, Drafting - Rapid Prototype - Volume Production

Well established local, approved vendor base for castings, sheet metal, paint, plastics, et al.

Our Model 1065 Liquid Quantity Transmitter is used on the C 130 “Hercules” Aircraft.

Our Model 1957 Liquid Quantity Transmitter is used on the KC-135 “In-Flight” Re-Fueling Tanker.

We service 14 Air Force Bases, US Coast Guard, Lockheed Martin, and over 100 commercial customers.

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